Upgrading your lighting system can be a very attractive inv

estment.  Oliver Electric can help you maximize energy savings and improve light quality.  We can help cut your cost and your carbon footprint.  Oliver Electric has the experience to change out your lights and reduce your electric bill while enjoying a greater quality of light.  There are clever control schemes currently available, such as occupancy and ambient light sensors as well as LED, and you can have a high quality lighting system that uses minimal energy.  Reducing consumption is only part of the potential savings. Modern fixture technology is not only more efficient in energy use, but often has longer life lamps than the ones being replaced. The efficient control of these lights will only operate when needed and the labor and material maintenance costs drop way below what you're currently spending.


To make upgrades even more appealing, many power companies are offering incentives. These are often in the form of a per-fixture rebate, but might be based on consumption reduction or some other method. There might also be rebates for adding controls such as motion and ambient light sensors, time controls, and the like.  These rebates can really add up and, in some cases, reduce the payback period to months instead of years. To discover what rebates might be available in your area, try your local power companies website.

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